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Landscape Flower Bouquet

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This bouquet is arranged like a garden.  In a garden, flowers grow in groups.  This bouquet has three main groups and added flower around the groups for accent.

1 - Oblong Container
1 - Block Floral Oasis Foam
2 - Stems Myrtle
3 - Iris
6 - Deep Peach Roses
2 - Stems Yellow Daisy's
3 - Stems Light Pink Mini Carnations
4 - Stems Leather Leaf
2 - Stems Plumosa
2 - Stems White Stock

Start by soaking foam in water and cut it fit container.

Here, I inserted myrtle on one side and start iris on the other.  You will want to click on this picture for a larger view in order to see the base better.
The flowers are stair stepped, like it would be in a garden.  I have added the stock to the middle of this bouquet.  The yellow daisy's are added around the blue iris.
The leather leaf is not only added to the front but also used to fill in and cover the mechanics of the back.  Plumosa has also been added at the base of roses.  Mini pink carnations are added around the roses and a bow inserted to the middle.
One of the most impressive wedding pieces I have ever seen was a 5 foot landscape bouquet placed at the entry of the reception hall.  The bouquet was set upon a 5 foot long - 6" wide - 4 foot high ledge pedestal.  The arrangement with pedestal ledge stood about 6 1/2 to 7 foot high. 



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