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Silk Swag

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This swag is light enough to hang on two straight pins and can be used in many rooms in your home.  I have used different intensities of the white for this swag to also show an example of the element color called "Monochromatic".


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Card Board Piece
Floral Foam
1 - Bush Pussy Willow
3 - White Lily's 5 - Lily Buds
1 - Bush White Stock
1 - Bush White Gerbera Daisys
1 - Bush Ranunculus

We start this project by cutting a piece of card board box and gluing a sized piece of floral foam.  We also wired the foam onto the foam to assure hold.

Normally, you cover your foam with moss, but I do not, as this swag's mechanics will be totally covered and I did not want the moss to get in the way.


Cut your pussy willow and add to each end.  Cut the silk stock and place all angled toward the center.  The best swags will have depth and the way to achieve this is to not lay everything down.  When you insert, you will want to angle toward the middle but also angle some pieces more directly into the foam.


Cut and add the white lily's.  Many floral designs work with lines and I want you to look at the line formed by the lily's and their buds.
Cut your Gerbera Daisys and insert in opposite line.  You could look at the Gerbera's and Lily's forming an X.  Take the ranunculas bush, cut and inserted through the middle going up and down through the middle.
One instruction that will apply to most designs is to insert flowers at different levels.  In this swag, we snug the lily's close to the foam and bring the ranunculus into the swag but at a higher level.  A great design will make your eyes move from front to back.  If this swag was designed with different colors, you could place the darker colored flower close to the foam and bring the light colored flowers out.


*By the way, you can also use this idea with
a tall pottery vase, turn the swag to set upon top and yes you have a really beautiful bouquet.  Look for the example in upcoming silk section.



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